[Podcast] Becoming A Finn: Applying For Finnish Citizenship

I have been living in Finland now for 12½ years and I now live in Seinäjoki wth my wife, Satu, our collections of teenagers and Boris the Dog.

The impending Brexit has sped-up my plans to apply for Finnish citizenship, which I now aim to do in 2021. I thought I’d share my plan with you.

[Podcast] Amazon Sweden Is Coming: 5 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Start On Amazon.se

After many years of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Amazon will launch its first website for the Nordic markets, http://www.amazon.se

For over 5 years, I have been working with Finnish companies to get their products listed and selling on Amazon Marketplaces around Europe. This seems like the perfect time to share a few key lessons I’ve learned over the years, to ensure your account set-up on Amazon goes as smoothly as possible.

[Podcast] Competition: Design A Logo For WIISE

Etelä-Pohjanmaan WIISE ry (Work Integration for Immigrants Service) is a membership association which aims to develop and maintain a positive ecosystem in Etelä-Pohjanmaa, in which immigrants and Finns who move to the area can thrive. In which they integrate into working life and settle into everyday life.

We are launching the association officially in October 2020 but ahead of that launch, it needs a logo and we would like our members and followers to help us with the design.

[Podcast] Sharing Your Workload: International Social Media, Sales Development & Voiceovers

While talking to a prospective customer, the MD of a micro company that is starting to grow, they said ‘Yes, we really want to work with you and think that one day per week won’t be enough – there’s so much to do. BUT we are waiting for this large order to be confirmed.’

All of this was true, but as we continued talking, it became clear that there were several small tasks that I could start to work on, that might only take a few hours a week. This could have an immediate impact and would be easier to build into their budget.

In this article are a examples of a few smaller tasks I’ve worked on so far this year, to show how you could share YOUR Workload without breaking the bank.

[Podcast] Listener Question: How can companies adapt to a post-COVID world?

This week, I will be answering a question from one of my listeners, thanks Jay.

Jay commented on Facebook ‘I see this as a time of opportunity, where the status quo is all shaken up and those who are creative, confident and can lead, will come out on top….what kind of opportunities do you see [coming] out of this situation and how you can turn a bad time to your advantage?’ well, Jay…

[Podcast] Summer 2020 – ‘Meaningful’ Work and Support For Small Firms

This week, I wanted to take you back a couple of months and give you some insight into how I’ve experienced summer 2020… People listening from outside may find it strange, but a four-week summer holiday is quite normal for workers in Finland and five or even six weeks is not unheard of. While this is undoubtedly nice for individuals, it does have an effect on business during the summer months. Everything sloooooowwwwws down.

Gradually and yet all at once, I found my calendar for June and July becoming more-and-more empty. I decided that if I cannot do any invoiceable work, I will focus on meaningful work that will have benefits at a later date.

[Podcast] Should We Continue Prospecting During the Coronavirus?

Episode 5 of this podcast was titled B2B Sales With Simple Content Marketing. In it, I talked about simple content marketing work that companies can do to support their sales work. This was based on work I had been doing during the first quarter of 2020. Then, of course, the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. My work was agreed and my time was scheduled, but I did stop to think “Should we continue prospecting during the Coronavirus lockdown period?”

[Podcast] Expert Tips On Prospecting For New Customers In The UK

Interview with Steven Smith, Managing Director at The Lead Generation Company.

This episode is something a little different. You don’t have to listen to just ME talking at you. I have a guest and I’m really pleased to welcome Steven whose LinkedIn profile reads ‘Lead Generation | Appointment Setting | Telemarketing | Qualified Sales Leads’. These are things that bring some people out on a cold sweat but are so important to any company that’s doing international business.

Read Steven’s important tips for companies looking to find new customers in the UK. Advice that will remain relevant during and after the coronavirus era.

[Podcast] Why Is E-invoicing In Finland So Confusing?

Having started my own toiminimi company in 2019 and started invoicing my customer directly. I had experience at Xport of sending e-invoices, but I then found myself working in my own company, using e-invoicing from an Operator system and wondering ‘Why is e-invoicing in Finland so confusing?’

[Podcast] Integration Evaluations For International Students Are A WIISE Decision

This episode is based on an earlier blog I published “Helping Migrating Workers Settle Into Everyday Life Is A WIISE Decision”. Since then, things have developed and the Work Integration for Immigrants Service (WIISE) has now completed its first project, working with a group of international business students from SeAMK in Seinäjoki.