[Podcast] Sales Pitch Workshops Increase The Impact Of Your International Sales Meetings

Since winter 2014, I have been working with Finnish companies to craft effective sales pitches that they can use in international sales situations. These have been used in pitching competitions, for one-on-one sales meeting and at international trade fairs and exhibitions. The workshops can be used to develop sales arguments for new products or to develop texts for marketing materials, company websites etc. In November 2020, I was approached about something slightly different, five companies and five pitches in only two hours. This is how I did it…

[Podcast] Why Should YOU Practice Conversations In English?

Recently, one of my ‘Sales Pitch workshop’ customers made a comment that made me think, ‘This can really have a long-term effect’. I’ve also been meeting people for regular English Conversation coaching for a few years, so I thought I’d share a few examples of how they have benefited from this.

[Podcast] Sharing Your Workload: International Social Media, Sales Development & Voiceovers

While talking to a prospective customer, the MD of a micro company that is starting to grow, they said ‘Yes, we really want to work with you and think that one day per week won’t be enough – there’s so much to do. BUT we are waiting for this large order to be confirmed.’

All of this was true, but as we continued talking, it became clear that there were several small tasks that I could start to work on, that might only take a few hours a week. This could have an immediate impact and would be easier to build into their budget.

In this article are a examples of a few smaller tasks I’ve worked on so far this year, to show how you could share YOUR Workload without breaking the bank.

Speak English Like A Native To Communicate To Your Global Customers.

[2 MIN BLOG] For a Finnish company doing international business, but with social media content only in Finnish. I could write your posts and newsletters in English for you. Give me the original Finnish texts and I will transcribe them into natural, native English.