Business Coaching

As Co-founder of Xport, I have been a business owner in Finland for nearly six years. In that time, I have also started a Limited company in the United Kingdom and a toiminimi (sole trader/self-employed business) in Finland. This experience, combined with my foreign heritage, gives me a unique perspective on being an entrepreneur.

As a business coach to the Preppaamo programme, managed by Selmu Ry, I gained experience of coaching a group on young Finns who were planning a business in the competitive gaming industry. I have also been a mentor to several immigrant entrepreneurs to develop and implement their business plan by:

  • questioning their ideas
  • offering constructive criticism
  • focusing on sales and generating profit
  • advising on networking
  • making introductions to help developing business relationships
  • planning and setting goals
  • identifying suppliers and service-providers
  • sharing experiences and lessons learned during my career

I am interested in positions as a Business Advisor or Board Member to a company that uses English as its business language.

Are you interested in adding my experience to your team?

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