Sales Resource

I have over 25 years experience working in retail, account management and sales. This was gained at several international organisations: Harrods, Seiko, Imagination Technologies (Pure Division). I have worked on the shop floor, in field sales visiting independent retailers, as a National Account Manager and as Channel Manager, Northern Europe – covering the Nordics.

That experience is available for Finnish companies to add to its resources. This could focus on one project, a specific product group or a selected overseas market. Each company will have different aims, but cannot do everything all-at-once. Consider, therefore, what is the next thing you’d like to achieve if you had an extra person on your team?

There is no magic solution to increased sales, but adding me to your team could improve your efforts on:

  • Sales development
  • Native-English marketing for an international audience
  • Inbound sales leads
  • Handling orders
  • Exhibitions/conferences
  • Online marketplaces
  • Attending meetings

Hiring your first Export Manager can be an expensive commitment, but you can add me to your team from a little as half-a-day per week, or one full-day every two weeks. With monthly invoicing and a pre-agreed review period, you can remove some of the risk and start to grow.

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