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Native English Voiceovers

Since 2014, I have been recording native-English voiceovers for Finnish companies and organisations, for example, marketing videos, visitor safety videos, audio tour guides. My accent is British, my style is calm and natural. Not only do I provide the voice, but I will also proofread and edit the text, record the voiceover and edit the audio with markups for each section of text.

What is the quality of this service? This is what professional photographer and video producer Tuukka Kiviranta thinks:

Customer comment: Voiceover

“Whenever Mark records a voiceover for me, it is produced with good sound quality and tone. He can produce recordings with a different pace of voice, so is ideal for short commercials and longer information videos. The finished audio is edited so that it is ready to use, no need for additional editing work, and it is always delivered on time.”

Tuukka @ Tuukka Kiviranta Oy

“Aina kun Mark tekee äänitöitä minulle laatu on erinomainen ja äänenpaino on toivotunlainen. Markin ääni soveltuu niin lyhyisiin mainosvideoihin, kuin pidempiin informatiivisiin videoihin. 
Lopullinen ääniraita on aina valmiiksi editoitu, joten sitä on helppo käyttää. Tiedostot tulevat myös aina ajoissa ja nopealla aikataululla.”

Tuukka @ Tuukka Kiviranta Oy

Here you can watch/listen to some samples on my YouTube showreel below.

Mark Wiltshear Voiceover Showreel

A selection of English-language voiceovers by Mark Wiltshear

Lakeuden risti church: Guided tour voiceover

Click on the photo to listen to my guided tour voiceover around the world-famous Lakeuden risti church in Seinäjoki.

Podcast Presenter

I am the host of two podcasts series; Explore Finland Radio Show and the Finnish Football Show.

Explore Finland is a long-form interview format in which I speak to Finns about Finland, in order to learn more about Finnish culture, sport, nature, history… The Finnish Football Show is recorded as a live show, where I am joined by my co-hosts, Mark, Rich & Keke, to talk about Finnish football. Both shows are produced in English to engage a wide international audience.

2019 saw my first commission for a third-party podcast, to create the Ähtäri Zoo limited-series podcast. I was, again, a long-form interview format in English for international audiences.

Co-host comment: Podcast production

Listen to Rich reviewing 1980’s movies https://betamax.podbean.com/

Mark has done the vast majority of the production work on the Finnish Football Show podcast; setting the agenda, arranging recording, editing, hosting and promoting. Despite working remotely, puts out a high quality product promptly.

Rich Nelson, Editor of Escape To Suomi – Co-host of Finnish Football Show – Producer of Betamax Video Club podcast

Listen to the Podcasts

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