[Podcast] Listener Question: How can companies adapt to a post-COVID world?

This week, I will be answering a question from one of my listeners, thanks Jay.

Jay commented on Facebook ‘I see this as a time of opportunity, where the status quo is all shaken up and those who are creative, confident and can lead, will come out on top….what kind of opportunities do you see [coming] out of this situation and how you can turn a bad time to your advantage?’ well, Jay…

[Podcast] Should We Continue Prospecting During the Coronavirus?

Episode 5 of this podcast was titled B2B Sales With Simple Content Marketing. In it, I talked about simple content marketing work that companies can do to support their sales work. This was based on work I had been doing during the first quarter of 2020. Then, of course, the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. My work was agreed and my time was scheduled, but I did stop to think “Should we continue prospecting during the Coronavirus lockdown period?”

[Podcast] Is This The Worst Time To Start A Podcast About International Business?

Having planned this podcast for a few months, by the time I recorded my first episode in March 2020, we were already in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19. This episode asks “Is this the worst time to start a podcast about International business?” And should I continue sharing my experiences, so others know they’re not alone during these difficult times?