Helping Migrating Workers Settle Into Everyday Life Is A WIISE Decision

[4 MIN BLOG] “The Initial Assessment from WIISE can be offered to immigrants in various situations: employees moving for work, families of migrating workers, international degree students and potential entrepreneurs.”

Maximise your Messut. How to get more when exhibiting at international trade shows.

[2 MIN BLOG] When you have invested in attending an exhibition, what is the next thing you would do if you had enough time or people? THAT is the task that I could help you with. This article gives you one example.

Speak English Like A Native To Communicate To Your Global Customers.

[2 MIN BLOG] For a Finnish company doing international business, but with social media content only in Finnish. I could write your posts and newsletters in English for you. Give me the original Finnish texts and I will transcribe them into natural, native English.

‘Regional Developer Prize 2015’ Awarded to Mark Wiltshear’s Explore Finland Radio Show

The regional development association of Southern Ostrobothnia EPAK chose Mark Wiltshear, the voice of the Explore Finland Radio Show and host of the Finnish Football Radio Show, as the winner of the Regional development prize for the year 2015.