Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ Award for Mark Wiltshear

On Friday 29.11.2019, at the NEXUS event hosted by Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society – SeiES ry, Mark Wiltshear was awarded the Yrittäjähenki award for Entrepreneurial Spirit. As a member of the South Ostrobothnian Community that has assisted students and SeiES with entrepreneurial mindset.Yrittäjähenki award for Entrepreneurial Spirit

SeiES certificate for Yrittäjähenki / Entrepreneurial Spirit, presented to Mark Wiltshear

Yrittäjähenki / Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

In giving the award, James McDade, Secretary of Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society, said the award was going to ‘…someone who has given time to support the aims of SeiES. Someone who’s company has given work placements to many students from SeAMK. Someone who has appeared as a guest speaker several times, including speaking at the first-ever meeting of SeiES. Someone who has worked as an entrepreneur in Seinäjoki and has shared his experiences, both positive and negative, with the SeiES members.’

Noora Yliviikari, Chair of SeiES, presenting Mark Wiltshear with award certificate
Noora Yliviikari, Chair of SeiES, presenting me with my award
Photo: Myra Aby

Thank you, Xport

I didn’t do all of this on my own, I must thank my partners at Xport, Mark Luoma and Marja Sulkakoski, who have also invested a lot of time working with the interns that come to Xport.

James’ comment, however, about ‘giving my time’ is gratifying, however, because I believe that if I give in order to help others, then it will come back to me. Whether this is in the form of work for my company, speaking engagements, reciprocal favours or just good karma.

James also said that ‘this has been done without ever asking for payment. That may now change, James, if you want an Award-winning speaker for your future events!

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