[Podcast] Expert Tips On Prospecting For New Customers In The UK

Interview with Steven Smith, Managing Director at The Lead Generation Company.

This episode is something a little different. You don’t have to listen to just ME talking at you. I have a guest and I’m really pleased to welcome Steven Smith from The Lead Generation Company in the UK. Steven’s LinkedIn profile reads ‘Lead Generation | Appointment Setting | Telemarketing | Qualified Sales Leads’. These are things that bring some people out on a cold sweat but are so important to any company that’s doing international business.

Read Steven’s important tips for companies looking to find new customers in the UK. Advice that will remain relevant during and after the coronavirus era.

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The Lead Generation Company

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, The Lead Generation Company has a lot of experience finding new customers for companies across the Nordics, including Finland, which gives Steven a good insight into the differences in prospecting for new customers. The main one being that company executives in the Nordics are MUCH more willing to share their contact details online. It is not the same elsewhere in Europe.

Different Types of Lead Generation Work

The Lead Generation Company takes on different types of sales prospecting:

  • Outbound: this includes traditional telemarketing.
    • Phone call, sales pitch, qualify the lead, ‘close the deal’.
    • Closing could be agreeing on a follow-up meeting, a video conference or webinar registration.
    • Also includes email campaigns and LinkedIn outreach because “LinkedIn is a great source of data.”
    • Steven “Telemarketing is still a great source of understanding the market. Many people are terrified of making sales calls, but it’s our job.”
  • Inbound: Digital marketing to attract potential leads.
    • Pay-per-click advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, content creation and website optimisation.

The Effect of COVID-19 On Sales Prospecting

Steven has noticed a daily change in people’s activity. A noticeable cycle in the way people have responded. From initial panic, as people tried to understand what was happening to work-life, on to settling into home working as technology was installed at home, allowing a semblance of normality for some people. After eight weeks of lockdown, there is now more positivity and some companies are starting to make purchases again.

Interestingly, people who have been working at home, interacting with a limited number of people, are more willing to take calls in an attempt to stay connected with the outside world. Also, potential barriers to prospecting are being removed. Some companies phone calls are now distributed via the computer system directly to someone working at home. Others are redirecting calls to mobiles AND the receptionists (those dreaded gatekeepers blocking access to your target contact) are more willing to give mobile phone numbers – the world really has changed!

Finally, people are much more accepting of a video call, less need to travel for that first meeting. Whereas once it would have been vital to get in front of someone for that first sales presentation, now it is acceptable, preferred even, to hold a long-distance face-to-face meeting.

Lead Generation Tips For Finnish Companies In The UK

  1. The most important aspect at the start is the quality of the data. A poor quality target list of contacts will produce poor results.
  2. Consider the following aspects
    • The type of company you are targeting
    • Sector or industry
    • The size of their business
    • The region you are targeting is it London, Scotland, UK-wide?
    • The persona of your target contact; their role, job title and level of responsibility
  3. Finally, what end result do you want? What counts as a qualified lead. Knowing this, in the beginning, makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

The Lead Generation Company always agree on these key measurable targets with their clients at the start of each project, so they have clear goals and their clients can monitor the progress.

Contact Steven via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenalexandersmith/


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