[Podcast] IBFF Theme Music. Introducing the Band – Dodobones

When I thought up the idea for the International Business from Finland podcast. I realised I needed a theme tune. I asked my friend Robbyn from Dodobones, a terrific live band in the UK, for help. This is what they came up with…


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The International Business from Finland theme music was devised and created by Dodobones www.dodobones.co.uk

Creating the IBFF Theme Tune

When I thought up the idea for the International Business from Finland podcast. I realised I needed a theme tune. It’s something that has been missing from my original podcast, Explore Finland Radio Show, and I’ve seen the benefit of having a strong theme on the Finnish football show. Have a listen…

IBFF Theme by Dodobones – http://www.dodobones.co.uk

I spent a little time looking for music online, but there was nothing that really sounded like ME. I wanted something original, that represented me. Then the idea hit me 💡!! I contacted my friend Robbyn, who is the singer for the terrific live band, Dodobones, back in the UK. At the time, they were doing a cover-a-day challenge on YouTube which I’d been following and so I asked:

  • Mark W 🤓: I’m planning a(nother) new podcast, one for my new business, and I need some theme music. Rather than some cheesy stock tune, I wondered if you guys have something I could use/borrow? In exchange for plugs/appreciation etc.

Two minutes later…

  • Robbyn: Yes yes yes! We did an internet radio station jingle years ago, would LOVE to try this for you. Send me a brief and I’ll get on it 🙂

This is the brief I sent:

  • A piece of instrumental music that lasts approx 30 seconds, it can be longer
  • This should be impactful at the beginning
  • It should reflect these values: professional, friendly, Mark Wiltshear (you guys know me!!)
  • As I’d asked you guys, I guess I just assumed it would have a folk/acoustic vibe. This would make it different from other podcasts. But I think the most important thing is a dynamic start that drops down to allow a voiceover intro over it.
  • Oh yeah, I would LOVE some handclaps

The work was passed on to Robbyn’s bandmate, Mark Gordon, who also does some production work. I think they nailed it! What do YOU think?


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