WIISE: Integration Evaluation / Alkukartoitus

Integration Evaluation: Individuals or Groups

Eligible person:

  • Foreigners that live in Finland: employees, graduate students, spouses and job seekers. The municipality organises Integration Evaluations for immigrants who have lived in Finland less than three years and which are not registered at the employment office (TE–toimisto). 

What we do:

  • Individual initial interview
  • Group workshop sessions
  • Gain an understanding of each person’s:
    • Background, education, work experience, hobbies
    • Finnish language skills and preferred learning methods
    • Strengths and future plans
  • Individual summary discussion
  • Create a personal integration plan


  • Create a personal action plan for each person, giving a checklist of suggestions, including activities and services whose goal is to help the foreigner living in Finland, to integrate to the local community, including:
    • Improving their language skills
    • Finding work
    • Finding hobbies
    • Enlarging their contact network

Who pays?

  • KEHA-keskus via the municipality/town

Implementing Personal Action Plan

What we do:

  • Helping to realise their personal action plan
  • Advising/mentoring
  • Finding info
  • Making introductions to local contacts
  • Accompanying to meetings, if required


  • Help each person complete their checklist and will have taken steps to implement their personal action plan. 
    • Some checklist actions may be ongoing e.g. training courses
    • Starting a course will constitute completing the task.

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