Selling on Amazon

I have over ten years experience selling to Amazon (as a supplier or Vendor) and selling on Amazon (as a Marketplace Seller).

There are training programmes to teach you how to identify niches in consumer demand and ‘get-rich-quick’ selling on Amazon. If, however, your company has products that you want to take to new, overseas markets – then these programmes are probably not for you, as you already have your products.

You should think of Amazon not only as a huge retailer with lots of loyal customers, but also as an opportunity to start selling quickly in another country. You can set-up an Amazon Seller account and start selling on the European Marketplaces, with deliveries to all 27 EU countries. This needs to be supported by marketing activity to raise awareness and build sales. Once your sales start, you also start to get crucial market info and consumer demand data, which can help you get interest from other customers.

Amazon Business is a programme aimed at selling to procurement professionals and companies. It can be a great way to reach B2B customers, which might develop into long-term, higher-volume partners.

After reading this, you will no doubt have questions, you can find some answers by reading my Amazon FAQ blogs or watching my YouTube playlist: Myyminen Amazonissa | Selling on Amazon FAQs

I have worked with many Finnish companies to get their products selling on Amazon. For links to some reference products, contact me:

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